What is Pahala Kencana?
When the passenger can make an advance reservation?
For how much time period this reservation will stay active?
How can the passenger make an advance reservation?
After reservation, when I can purchace the ticket?
Can the bus wait for passenger if he turn up late?
Can the passenger change his travel date and time?
Can the passenger get a refund for cancellations?
Would there be stops made on the way?
How long is the journey?
The passenger has lost his ticket, can he get a replacement?
What is the baggage allowance?
What is the carry-on-board baggage allowance?
Can costumer send the some goods to other cities using this bus service?
What is BDB Tukar Tiket?
Can the children travel alone?
Can the passenger smoke on board?
Can the passenger travel with the baby?
Can my pet travel in the cabin with me?
What class of buses buses do you have?
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