PT. Pahala Kencana were established in 1976 and located in Kudus, a small town in Central Java. The business is an intercity bus service that offers fixed route, a round trip from Kudus to Jakarta and from Solo to Jakarta. As transportation business increased and pushing their way into the scene, Pahala Kencana saw the future clearly by adding more routes within major and even minor cities in Sumatera, Jawa, Madura, Bali and Lombok.

In 2000, Pahala Kencana moved their office from Kudus to Jakarta, to gain more opportunity in the transportation business.

In 1993, Pahala Kencana started their new business in courier service but they limit their delivery only to the same route as their bus operation route, using the remaining space at the passenger baggage, and utilizes a small vehicle to help running the delivery. Today, Pahala Kencana Courier Services changed its name to Pahala Express after their success to offer courier service to over 200 nationwide and worldwide destinations and providing over 100 units vehicles for its operation.

At the same year, PT Pahala Kencana established PT. BPW Pahala Kencana Tour and Travel Company later became known as PT. Pahala Tours and Travel and specializing in travel and tourism, domestic and international ticketing and MICE.

In 1997, PT. Pahala Kencana decided to enter the public transportation industry by operating a large number of intercity buses to operate in some of heavy traffic routes in Jakarta.

By the year 1998, PT. Pahala Kencana expanded its public transportation industry into an intercity and local transit bus transportation providing intercity short round trip buses.

Then in 2000 PT. Pahala Kencana also decided to expand its business by entering the Tour Bus and Chartered Vehicle Industry.

In the year 2004, the governor of Jakarta decided to reorganize the system of public transportation and has an impact on PT. Pahala Kencana in participating in government’s transportation program called Busway.

Cheap flights in Indonesia’s Airline Industry giving more challenge for PT. Pahala Kencana to widen its wings by entering the cheap flights airline ticket by establishing PT. Nata Tours in 2005.

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